Future Events

Shift Shapers
Sacred Geometry Workshop
Feb 15th – 16th  2020

Speak it to the Wind
Week’s Residential Course
Apr 10th – 17th  2020
Island of Islay.

The Nine Ladies instruments – the Stone, Threads and Stick – represent Permanence, Change and the New; during the course we will explore the relationship between them. This will include addressing the following questions:

  • Mathematicians delight in ‘elegant’ theorems. What does it say about human nature that we find beauty in abstract principles?
  • Which has the most power to influence events, the widely acclaimed and broadcast or the hidden?
  • For thousands of years people have been exploring philosophical, religious and esoteric matters. Much of this tradition has gone unrecorded, particularly by women who have been illiterate for the most part. Does this mean that their knowledge been lost to us and if not how can it be accessed?
  • What is the relationship between the body and Knowledge?

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Past Events

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